3/01/2013 06:30:00 PM

11 Top Coffee Roasters Around LA

Roasting at Intelligentsia's Glassel Park facility
We are so immersed in coffee culture these days, that you can practically throw a bean in any direction and hit a Third Wave coffee bar or roaster. Some have been around for years and some are brand new; some roast in huge hundred-pound batches, and others are considered "nano-roasters." And big outfits from more caffeinated cities like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco are starting to take notice - Seattle's Caffe Vita, which just opened in Los Feliz, might one day open a roasting facility here, and soon we'll have Stumptown from Portland. Here are a dozen quality roasters giving us great coffee around the greater Los Angeles area, from the Inland Empire to Long Beach, from the Valley to the Arts District.


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  2. Why has Los Angeles forsaken Groundwork? We used to love them, they make amazing coffee, they are 100% local, why??