3/28/2013 09:28:00 AM

100-Year-Old Buda Restaurant to Close Its Doors

On Saturday the century-old Buda Grocery and Grill will close its doors. The family-run establishment in the downtown square has been bought by investors, who plan to turn it into a steak and seafood restaurant on one side and a Cajun restaurant on the other. Investor James Rios has recast a restaurant in downtown Kyle a similar way, and he hopes to do the same in Buda.

The space will keep its floors, gaslight patio and tin ceilings, but as the Austin American-Statesman reports, the Buda community will miss the homegrown food and down-to-earth atmosphere. The shifting ownership points to a change in Buda overall, which has been growing quite a bit in the past few years and is no longer a sleepy town outside Austin.

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