3/25/2013 02:00:00 PM

10 Dishes Every SF Foodie Must Try

La Ciccia's pasta with cured tuna heart made the list - what else did?
San Francisco is known for its cracked crab, sourdough bread and Anchor Steam Beer, and while that makes for a mighty fine picnic lunch, the city's restaurants are rife with delectable and often unusual dishes that are also worth seeking out. If you call yourself a foodie in this town, you'd better make sure you've tried these 10 dishes. What would make your list?

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  1. Thinking of this as a list of "10 must try" dishes instead of the "10 best" makes sense. Pleased to see La Ciccia's "Fregua Sarda cun Arrizzonisi e Cori de Tonnu" on the list. Especially after this overlooked Sardinian gem made Eater's 25 Most Underrated Restaurants in America! Tea leaf salad at Burma Super Star may be the best in town (but for half the price and no waiting in line Yamo Kitchen is really good too). Mission Chinese is good but shouldn't have made the list. The seafood chowder at Bar Crudo is rich and delicious but I would have picked their heirloom tomato and lobster salad with burrata as the must try. Like wise with Bar Tartine - langos? Go with the Daily Smørrebrød. Korean Tacos at Namu Gaji are fun. Disappointed Pläj didn't make the cut. And as far as I'm concerned you're not a real SF foodie if you don't have an opinion on the best 1) burrito 2) shanghai dumplings 3) ramen 4) dim sum 5) brunch!