3/12/2013 09:45:00 AM

10 at 10: A Look at NYC Bars and Restos Celebrating a Decade

Hearth turns 10 this year
Operating a restaurant or bar in the Big Apple is competitive, messy and risky business, and while the exact failure rates in New York City are murky, be assured, they’re on the high side. So when a bar or restaurant lasts a decade, it’s close to a miracle.

The following die-hard establishments opened in a city still shaken in the aftermath of 9/11. Insecurity was in the air in 2003 - remember the citywide blackout that wiped out inventories? There was also the Rocco DiSpirito/Jeffrey Chodorow reality TV debacle The Restaurant, which only intensified the wariness of potential owners. And just when the industry seemed to be prospering, in came the Great Recession of 2008, Hurricane Sandy and countless other struggles. The past decade certainly hasn’t been easy, but the following establishments not only stood strong, they became major influences on the city’s dining and drinking scene. Click through the slide show, and say "happy anniversary" to these tenacious 10.

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