2/04/2013 10:16:00 AM

Wyebrook Farm Begins Offering Four Week Dry-Aged Steaks

Now that you’ve had your fill of Super Bowl-friendly wings and nachos, plan a meal that’s a bit more refined. Wyebrook Farm is now aging all its locally pastured rib and strip steaks for a full four weeks before selling them, effectively doubling their resting time. “Aging draws water out of the meat and concentrates the beefy taste,” explains farmer Dean Carlson, who did a lot of experimenting before landing on four weeks as the optimal time frame.

“There just aren’t many places where you can get dry aged meat other than high end steakhouses,” he notes. As of right now, the steaks are being sold at the same price as before ($17 per pound), but expect that to increase soon - you actually get more meat for your money since the cuts lose water weight as they age.

Find the meat at the onsite market at the Honey Brook, PA farm, or pre-order your steaks and pick them up at Cook in Rittenhouse Square, where Carlson does a regular drop off every Tuesday.


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