2/17/2013 03:58:00 PM

Winners and Losers of the Week: Food World Edition

Pizza Hut Sliders, photo by Danya Henninger 
It's the time of week when we take a break from our brunch-time Bloody Marys and check out some winners and losers from the past seven days. If you really want to go crazy, you can sip that drink and read on at the same time! 

Winner: Taco Bell
The fast food chain launched their Cool Ranch Doritos Loco taco by handing out single samples at an unassuming flower shop but the publicity stunt wasn't the biggest news. A taste test found that these thing are actually good. Can nachos made from Pringles be far behind? We hope not.

Loser: Olive Garden Employees
The chain announced their first uniform redsign in years, rolling out a new outfit that makes their servers look like a cross between a bumblebee and a ninja. That, paired with the fact that they have not a single Doritos-flavored item on the menu, lands them in the losers column this week.

Winner: Fish Mcbites
Much to the astonishment of the Zagat Editorial staff, the new product from McDonald's actually tasted like fish.

Losers: People Who Text at the Table
In honor of V-day, we published a guide to table-texting etiquette and found that when on a date, whipping out the phone is pretty much a dealbreaker. The only time it's acceptable to light up your phone on a date? When you have to read the Zagat blog, natch.

Winner: Pizza Hut Sliders
It was a good week for fast food chains. Pizza Hut came out with their new sliders, which are mini pies that can easily be customized with ingredients. Like the McBites and the taco, they were actually good. Now if we could just order cool ranch seasoning as one of the toppings.


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