2/22/2013 12:08:00 PM

Where to Watch the Oscars in New York City

The Windsor Park Avenue 
While the stars of the food world are spending this weekend in Miami, Hollywood's glitterati will be taking to the red carpet for the Academy Awards. A number of NYC establishments are hosting shindigs where you can gather, sip bubbly (or swill beer - totally your call) and see if you pick landed you atop the Oscar pool.

Rum House: This Midtown cocktail den will project the show on its big screen. Booze hounds will want to get into the running for this pool, the first place winner will be awarded a bottle of Charbay "S" Aged Whiskey (second and third place winners also get a prize). Party starts at 7 PM.

The Bell House: As this Brooklyn venue puts it "This year, instead of slogging through four boring hours on your couch, come watch at the Bell House." They've enlisted the comics from WitStream.com to provide a running commentary of the show and will be offering drink specials like the "Le Fizz" a mix of vodka, pineapple and sprite, for $8.

The Windsor: Both locations of this high-end sports bar (West Village and in the Gansevoort Park Avenue) will devote its screens to the telecast. At 5 PM, the haunts will start serving complimentary popcorn. They'll also pour you a glass of bubbly so you can feel all LA-fancy. After that, hit the a la carte menu. Reservations info here.

Pennsylvania 6: This newly opened watering hole in Midtown will project the awards ceremony on their gigantic screens, and we're betting there will be plenty of room to spread out as the commuter crush will be notably absent on the weekend.

Humphrey: The restaurant in the Eventi Hotel will offer $3 beer and $6 cocktail specials, starting at 6 PM. The show will be projected on a massive screen (which is essentially the side of a building) and the winner of this Oscar pool will score a free bottle of Champagne for their table. Choose wisely!


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