2/15/2013 11:26:00 AM

Where to Eat Fish 'n' Chips for a Successful Lent

Fish 'n' Chips at Big & Little's

The month of Lent may be about sacrifice, but who says that fish on Fridays has to be boring? We complied a little list of eleven places to find a tasty a deep-fried fix.

Fish Bar: This place has the word fish in the name; of course it will offer a steal with its fish 'n' chips with a side of slaw for just $7 (773-687-8177).

The Gage: The upscale Irish restaurant serves fish 'n' chips with a side of housemade tartar sauce only on Fridays for $20 (312-372-4243).

Owen & Engine: An English pub of course offers an equally English dish of fried haddock with house cut chips served with malt vinegar aïoli, pea purée and sauce gribiche for $17 (773-235-2930).

Nana: This hand-held version features fried trout, sandwiched with spicy sauce gribiche, bibb lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. It is served with French fries for $12 (312-929-2486).

Big & Little’s: Home of the supposed “best fish 'n' chips" in town. This dive serves them in a Styrofoam container for $12 (312-943-0000).

Markethouse: Beer-battered fish is good, but Bell’s beer-battered is better, especially when it’s all-you-can-eat for $20 (312-224-2200).

Bel 50: And the winner of most inventive offering goes to the fish 'n' chips waffle sandwich with potato-crusted cod for $7.95 (312-202-0600).

Duke of Perth: Another top contender for “best in the city,” This Scottish pub serves all-you-can eat fish 'n' chips every Friday for $10.25 (773-477-1741).

Suite 25: Here is a spicy alternative: battered filet of sole served with hand-cut potato chips is garnished with marinated onions and a spicy jalapeño tartar sauce for $13 (773-360-7478).

The Local: This New American restaurant has a new special of fish 'n' chips with housemade tartar sauce for $20 (773-280-8887).

John Barleycorn: For the rowdy bar fan, the River North location serves all-you-can-eat beer-battered cod with cottage fries and tartar sauce for $17 (773-348-8899).

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