2/22/2013 02:37:00 PM

Verdad and Heart: Two Suburban Food Trucks Need You

There’s been some national discussion lately about whether the market for food trucks is becoming oversaturated, though we’re pretty sure Philadelphia can handle several more before a crisis is declared. However, there’s one definite way to avoid fighting a Philly glut: launch a truck that serves the suburbs. That’s exactly what two suburban chefs intend to do, and they’re both looking for your help via crowdfunding sites.

Nick Farina of Bryn Mawr’s Verdad has plans to launch the Main Line’s first-ever taco truck, which will rove the suburban streets selling its wares, and will also be available for catering. His goal is $8,000, and you have until March 19 to pledge your funds (here). In return for $20, you’ll receive a $40 gift certificate at the truck, for example; for $200 you’ll get to name your own taco and eat it free for a month; and if you kick in two grand, you’ll get free tacos for life. Not bad.

We mentioned the Heart Food Truck from Michael Falcone of Funky Lil' Kitchen back in January, but now he’s got it on Indiegogo (here). Heart will cruise both city and suburban streets, and do catering. The goal here is $11,500, and the truck itself will serve the same fresh, local fare his Pottstown restaurant has become known for. Throw $5 his way and you’ll get a high-five; send in $250 and you’ll get 10% off everything on the truck for one year, plus a bunch of other goodies; and for a $1,000 infusion your name will be printed on the actual truck, plus a menu item will be named after you.


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