2/14/2013 04:33:00 PM

Valentine's Day Dining Outtakes: What Was Your Worst Meal Ever?

We've all had good Valentine's Day meals, and bad, but what was your worst V-Day dining experience ever? We asked you to tell us in our recent Valentine's Day Survey - check out some of the funniest outtakes/responses below.

"Going out for dinner and you are so close together that the people two tables down can hear your girl wink at you."

"We walked out of a well-regarded restaurant at which we had reservations, after being seated, when we saw the "special" Valentine's Day menu."

 "The one where the lady with the basket of flowers interrupts your dinner to sell you some."

"Reservations at an upscale restaurant. After waiting two hours, went to Ruby Tuesday."

"They're all pretty much the same now - after 20 years of marriage, they all blend together."


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