2/12/2013 01:38:00 PM

Trust Marcie Turney for Winning Valentine’s Day Gifts

Give up the Godiva and get your sweetheart local sweets this Valentine’s Day - when chef Marcie Turney is in charge of making them, you know they’ll be winners. Her salted caramel budinos are one of the hottest desserts in town, usually found on the menu at Barbuzzo. Specially for V-Day, you can pick up two-packs of the jarred butterscotch pudding for $15 at next-door boutique Verde.

At the back of Verde is a chocolate room where Turney cooks up Marcie Blaine artisanal chocolates. There’s a whole collection of heart-themed specialty pieces available in boxes of nine, 16 or 32 ($18, $30 and $50, respectively). Choose from flavors like “Italian Flirt” with rosemary-pinenut caramel or the “Hot Lolita” with ancho chile and cinnamon. Don’t miss the chance to snag an extra piece for yourself - these are too good not to share.


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