2/12/2013 03:27:00 PM

Tired of Heart-Shaped Food Yet?

Have you noticed that food has taken a turn for the holiday worst? It seems like every year more and more chefs are creating dishes that seemingly celebrate a special day. Gingerbread cookies shaped like Christmas trees or dreidels. Pastel-covered shortbread in the shape of eggs. Super Bowl helment cupcakes. And of course heart-shaped everything for Valentine's Day. Sure, we love a good heart-shaped chocolate. But donuts, brie and lord help us...pizza?

Do we need to eat a "bleeding heart" ravioli at Ray's & Stark Bar to be your Valentine? (Although the beet ravioli stuffed with ricotta and topped with blood orange brown butter does sound delicious.) Will a box of bloody-red velvet cupcakes tell you how much we love you? We know we are nowhere near the tipping point; it will only get worse every year. Thank goodness there are only two days left of this red-pink-heart madness. But then everything will suddenly turn green and Shamrock-y for St. Patrick's Day. Oh, Erin go Blurgh.


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