2/05/2013 03:17:00 PM

The Hump's Former Sushi Chefs Indicted for Selling Whale Meat

The Hump/photo: discoverlosangeles.com
Remember back in 2010 when The Hump, the now-closed Santa Monica Airport sushi restaurant, was tagged for selling whale meat? First the vendor, Ginichi Ohira, plead guilty for even selling the endangered species, and now a federal grand jury has indicted the owners of the Hump's parent company, Typhoon Restaurant Inc., and its chefs, Kiyoshiro Yamamoto and Sasumu Ueda, for illegally selling and serving Sei whale meat. According to the LA Times, Ohira incorrectly described the meat as fatty tuna and delivered it to The Hump, and the chefs allegedly served the whale sushi for at least three years. If convicted, Yamamoto could face up to 67 years in federal prison and Ueda could get up to 10 years. If that's not enough, the restaurant's parent company faces fines of $1.2 million.

The restaurant closed in 2010 after all of this came to light and promises were made on the website: "The Hump hopes that by closing its doors, it will help bring awareness to the detrimental effect that illegal whaling has on the preservation of our ocean ecosystems and species. Closing the restaurant is a self-imposed punishment on top of the fine that will be meted out by the court. The Owner of The Hump also will be taking additional action to save endangered species." We're not sure if any of that came true, but Eater reminds us that Yamamoto went on to open an "ultra-exclusive omakase restaurant" in Palms called Yamakase after The Hump shuttered. No reports of whale meat sashimi there, but this latest turn of events could put the fate of the restaurant in jeopardy.

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  1. Bush and Cheney lie to us, invade sovereignty countries, torture and kill, and go scott free. A sushi chef can get 67 years ??? give me a break...