2/04/2013 11:43:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Tapas at Atlantic City's Amada

We took a trip down to Atlantic City this weekend, and the recently opened Revel was the first stop on our itinerary (okay, we may have dropped by the roulette table before dinner - no judgment). The sprawling casino is full of awesome culinary options. We had proper dinner at Marc Forgione's steakhouse American Cut, but it was our pre-meal snacking at Jose Garces' Amada that was the true winner and the best value (those Forgione steaks were expensive, which not the most pleasant experience after getting wiped out at the aforementioned table game).

We had charcuterie, cheeses, lamb meatballs and a few other goodies, but our favorite dish was easily the revuelto, a serving of scrambled eggs, salmon and mushrooms with some crostini. While scrambled eggs don't necessarily scream "pre-clubgoing dinner," the eggs hit the spot on a snowy night, and didn't overwhelm since the dish was easily shared among our party of four.

A quick note about Revel, which is easily the nicest property in this Shore town. Accounts say that the sprawling space hasn't been as crowded as owners had hoped, and we anecdotally noticed that the casino floor was less packed than the Borgata or the other venues we visited. But, the restaurants were another story - we noticed that the food and beverage offerings on site were slammed. The gamble of importing big names from Philly and NYC was clearly a good bet.


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