2/11/2013 11:30:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Pork and Kimchi Pie by Endgrain

What to do when a restaurant is completed - the reclaimed wood tables are set, the hog head is hung and the leather booths still have that new car smell – but the city won’t grant final permits? This is the predicament endgrain found themselves in, causing them to delay the opening of the Roscoe Village restaurant.

Chef Enoch Simpson decided not to pout and stomp his feet at the stubborn city, but to perfect the restaurant's dishes at a series of pop-ups. This weekend he was at Dose Market serving some menu previews. Mushroom and rapini pie was a very tempting option, but we opted for the kimchi pork pie. As the name suggests this is flaky pasty dough folded into a triangle, like a pope's hat…too soon? Then filled with pork and topped with a kimchi. We are not usually kimchi’s biggest fan, but this variety was different with distinguishable sprouts and slices of radish with a slight tartness that complimented the savory pie.

Our greatest regret? Not returning for dessert in the form of a bacon butterscotch doughnut.


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