2/12/2013 10:00:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Sweetbreads ’n’ Waffles at Atwood Café

We’ve had chicken ’n’ waffles, sausage ’n’ waffles, even rabbit ’n’ waffles, but the combination we enjoyed last night was new to us. Chef Derek Simcik’s take on the classic combination at Atwood Café sees sweetbreads with chive waffle triangles, bourbon strawberries and a maple gastric.

Although, the word sweetbread is enough to ruin some people's appetite, our trick is to not think about the fact that we are eating deep-fried offal and just enjoy the flavor. The meat was hearty and savory, and combined with the crunchy exterior, it complimented the herbal waffle nicely. The perfect bite pulled together a bit of both along with the sweet strawberry and gastric.

This dish appears as a starter on their dinner menu and we enjoyed it with a round of their new special “Flutes and Frites” - a trio of fries and a glass of prosecco for $10 (312-368-1900).


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