2/28/2013 02:11:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Turkey Leg at LA's Animal (Take Two)

No culinary trip to LA would be complete without a visit to much-hyped Animal, so we headed over to the storied spot to dig into some meaty fare the other night. Now, our LA blog already covered the turkey leg, easily our favorite dish in a sea of the more popular pork parts, but we decided that Big Apple dwellers should be exposed to the glory of one of the best drumsticks we've had the pleasure to pick up and devour, Viking-banquet style.

First things first, though: this restaurant deserves every accolade lobbed at it by food obsessives. From spicy kung-pao sweetbreads to a mercifully leafy kale salad, everything we tried was full of fresh ideas and bold flavors. But it was this hunk of poultry that made us consider giving up the cold and unforgiving streets of NYC, if only for a few juicy seconds. It was a long journey before the protein walked onto our plate - it had gone through the smoker and cooked confit style. When it was presented, it was slathered with a white gravy, a recipe which needs to make it's way to the East Coast around nowish.

The dish was bonkers good flavor wise and we really liked what it represented for the food scene. Not a lot of culinary trailblazing haunts like this are playing with turkey, and it's nice to see that this eatery is continuing to experiment (this plate alone could catapult the Thanksgiving foodstuff into becoming the trend du jour). It also goes in the face of the stereotyped "juice-diet" LA diner, something that we did run into here and there on our visit. With plates as game-changing as this one being served all around town, it's no wonder our latest 30 under 30 list had so many noteworthy personalities.


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