2/26/2013 12:29:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Prawns at LA's Tasting Kitchen

This week we're coming to you live from LA, where we're celebrating our latest 30 Under 30 list. While we're in town we had to check out some of the spots featured in the lineup, and one destination was clearly a must try. Last year, The Tasting Kitchen over in Venice saw it's chef Casey Lane land a slot in our class of young honorees, and this year pastry chef Sarah Ash was on the list.

Once we settled into the trendy and dimly lit front room, we quickly saw why this joint landed on the list twice. The fare is simple and produce driven, with comforting pastas and shareable plates of charcuterie complementing heartier dishes that showcased local ingredients. The best part about Lane's menu are the subtle yet innovative flourishes that work their way into the cuisine. Our favorite dish was a plate of prawns that was sitting in a delicious uni sauce - it was salty and earth, simple and creative. Once the three pieces on the plate were devoured, our dining companion quickly said "more, please." We wouldn't be surprised if we say the same when we're looking for 30-under-30 honorees next year.


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