2/11/2013 10:47:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Korean Fried Chicken at Mono+Mono

Mono+Mono in the East Village may have thousands of records on display behind glass walls (with a number o them also hanging from a track overhead) but what really sang to us on a recent visit was the eatery's signature dish: Korean fried chicken. The wings here are some of the crispiest that we've encountered and each morsel is hand brushed with either a garlic soy or hot and spicy sauce (if you're not afraid of a little heat, the spicy is where it's at).

There was nary a dab of grease to be seen on our serving - the double fry process insures that the oil is spirited out while the crispy quotient is left intact - there was a loud, audible CRUNCH when we bit into our first drumette. Oh, and if you need a little cool down after gorging on a plate of spicy wings - check out the infused sojus. Sure, wings and beer are great, but this boozy pairing was truly music to our ears.


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