2/28/2013 10:28:00 AM

The Art of Coffee, Literally: 10 Beautiful Lattes

Sterling Coffee Roasters, Portland, OR
Good coffee is one thing, but making a picture in a latte a whole other ballgame, and one baristas throughout the country are eager to play. There are numerous latte art competitions from the Coffee Fest Latte Art Championship in New York, to the Bay Area Latte Art Competition and the World Latte Art Championship, which incorporates people from numerous countries. In this field, a couple main designs remain prominent, the heart and the leaf, and then, variations of the two. We found plenty of stellar examples, plus some designs you never thought you would see in a cup of Joe.

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    Some of the most creative and original Latte Art in Southern California.
    I am master barista Donny Morrison, and I promise to blow your mind.