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Sweet Treats for Two on Valentine's Day

Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery
Quintessential Valentie's Day accessories include one restaurant reservation, 12 red roses and at least two sweet treats. How's the checklist coming along? We've already provided the guide on where to eat - now, here are a few suggestions on what else to bring to the table for a romantic evening.

Magnolia Bakery
Chocolate on chocolate, is there anything better? This rich devil's food cupcake is topped with chocolate ganache and decorated with a sweet inscription ($3.50).

Vanille Patisserie
Sometimes cookies speak louder than words. French cookies are topped with sultry sayings such as  “Mon Cheri.” Let the red lip cookie make the first move - it is decorated with the word “Bisous” or “kiss” ($3 per cookie or $12 for five).

Truffle Truffle
For him: edible cigars made with a pretzel rolled in beer caramel, dipped in chocolate and coated with pretzel crumbs. Each one is wrapped with a custom, monogramed band (12 pieces for $48).

Floriole Cafe & Bakery
Milk chocolate passion fruit mousse is decorated with whipped cream and a chocolate heart to created the perfect dessert for two. Also served in glass cups is a buttermilk panna cotta with layers of fruit gelee. $5.

West Town Bakery
Red hearts macarons filled with raspberry and rose ganache or chocolate macarons filled with mango ganache are an elegant addition to any Valentine’s Day celebration ($1.50).

Katherine Anne Confections
Innuendos aside, the “The Big O” truffle is something to take seriously. Bittersweet chocolate protects a ganache of honey, ginger, Illinois Sparkling Champagne and The Big O ginger liqueur ($3).

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