2/01/2013 05:01:00 PM

Sunday Fun: Super Fowl at Varga Bar, I Hate Super Bowl Dinner at Tashan

Sure, the Super Bowl will be a great contest, but Varga Bar is hosting an even more exciting challenge. The third annual Super Fowl wing competition will start at 6 PM, as amateur finalist Brendan Walsh puts his wings to the test against chef Evan Turney’s version. For $5, patrons get a chance to sample 10 different varieties of chicken snacks and cast their vote for the winner, announced at the end of the game (215-627-5200).

Maybe - gasp! - you don’t want to make football the focus of your weekend. If that’s the case, head to Tashan for a special “I Hate Super Bowl” deal. Sylva Senat’s regular Sunday evening chef’s tasting will be 25% off, with five courses of Euro-Indian cuisine costing just $45 instead of $60 per person. Don’t worry, should your dining partner feel the need to check the score, the game will be showing on one of two flatscreen TVs in the lounge (267-687-2170).


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