2/20/2013 03:58:00 PM

Speer Delight: 2 Iconic Austin Desserts From Pastry Chefs Philip and Callie Speer

By Megan Giller
Power pastry couple Philip Speer and Callie Speer each have their specialties. Philip spearheads the after-dinner specialties at Uchi and Uchiko, using unusual ingredients and flavor combinations that surprise and enchant. Callie elevates everyday sweets to another level at Swift’s Attic, transforming homestyle desserts into upscale plates using expert technique.

So do the two pastry chefs ever get competitive? Not at all, says Philip. “We always bounce ideas off each other. It’s a resource,” he says. “We both have different styles, and she’s better at some things, and I’m better at some things.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day (yes, we know, we’re late), we’re highlighting two of our favorite desserts from this couple. No matter what your February 14 was like, you can be sweet on these.


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