Sound Off: Stucco, Basketry, Expensive Rooster Art Top Italian Decor Complaints

We already took a look at the food trends that you found most annoying, but now it's time to talk decor. News flash: People are over red and white checkered table cloths. Oh, also - please keep that chianti bottle in the cupboard, and it's time to leave the year 1983 and replace that stucco wall. We think we'll let the survey takers do the talking for this one, check out some of our favorite comments about Italian decor below.

What's the most annoying Italian decor cliche?

"Red and white checkerboard tablecloths, chianti wine bottles with the straw bottoms and last but not least..........those horrible bread sticks that are not FRESH. Even Olive Garden can make a 'decent' bread stick. Why can't an upscale Italian restaurant do the same?" Rustic environment. It is not foolin anyone."

"Same as the food trend - trying to make it 'more Italian' than the next restaurant - I don't mean red and white checked tablecloths everywhere with bottles of Lambrusco in baskets. But the 'upscale' over-decorated Italian places (go to Yountville, CA and you'll find them - the $3000 rooster painting; the Italian tiles made by an "authentic" Italian craftsman; it's too much... Keep it simple (stupid?)..."

"Horrible art decor, you can find local artists that will be overjoyed and can be paid a dime for having their work, which will be better than most due to their need to please, being hung in these restaurants, and the overuse of stucco and texturing of the walls in place of artwork. More red and purple tones, less yellow, yellow, yellow. Yellow can appear sickly without one consciously realizing it if the mood orients to the negative. Dark yellow is safer."

"I am kind of over the Chianti bottle-candles and the faux Mediterranean murals."

"Anything with an abundance of baked cheese."

"The grape leaves and vines - dust collectors. Keep it simple."

"Columns. Stop making it look like Italy, we know we are not in Italy."

"Anything redolent of old-school red-sauce Italian-American places, UNLESS the restaurant has been
around for 50 years or more."

"Tuscan frescos!!! Uggggg!"

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  1. You have "Basketry" in your title? Basketry is not Italian! My husband has been a basketry craftsman for over twenty years! Don't confuse cheap wine bottle holders with the Art of Basketry! LOL. Lynne, a.k.a.,