2/24/2013 06:14:00 PM

SoBe Sports 2: There's No Crying in Baseball, So We'll Take Bone Marrow

One key lesson we learned at this year's SoBe Fest is that chefs are not good at volleyball. But last night, a bunch of female culinary maestros proved that there is a way for the edible world to succeed in the sports area. Ok, in a sports arena, but when Stephanie Izard was dishing out confit goat belly with red shrimp ceviche at second base in Miami Marlins ballpark, no onlookers were yelling "do-over! Let her serve it again - it's a height thing!" a la the previous day's beach-based extravaganza.

Izard was joined by toques like Michelle Bernstein, April Bloomfield and Naomi Pomeroy for a walk-around tasting like no other, dubbed Diamond Dishes: A League of their Own. Guests literally walked around the baseball diamond, making pit stops at the bases to sample the dishes, which were paired with wine and champagne. Now, there may be no crying in baseball, but we think we saw a tear or two shed when guests bit into Pomeroy's fennel-brined pork loin with heirloom cabbage.

For this world-series of flavor, the role of Tom Hanks was played by Anne Burrell, who got to make the "play ball!" announcement that led guests onto the field. Her co-host was Julie Loria, who authored the cook book that was the inspiration for the event (if you ever wanted to know how Alex Rodriguez adds just the right amount of seasoning to his kale chips, pick it up here).

Next year, maybe the dudes will joint them on the field and show how chefs can succeed at physical activity: by not participating. For now - and perhaps because we're tipsy from those champagne pairings, we're ready to sing it: We're all for one, we're one for all, we're All-Americans (well, Bloomfield is technically from the UK, but it still works!).


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