2/22/2013 04:52:00 PM

SoBe 2013: Geoffrey Zakarian Interviews Guy Fieri, Scott Conant, Anne Burrell and More Poolside

Anne Burrell and Guy Fieri...separated at birth?
SoBe dispatch: Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian hosted a poolside chat/radio show for Sirius XM today called "Food Talk" featuring guests like Scott Conant, Marc Murphy, Anne Burrell, Al Roker, Guy Fieri, Curtis Stone and Sunny Anderson. Here are some tidbits we discovered during the program:

- Marc Murphy used to work on a cruise ship as both a chef and a clown. He also speaks fluent Italian including the Roman dialect. After speaking a few words in the Roman tongue to Scott Conant, Conant admitted: "I'm extremely attracted to you right now."

- Scott Conant will be opening more Scarpettas but he "really can't talk about it yet."Also he wants everyone to know that he's "not as mean as he seems on TV."

- Geoffrey Zakarian bartended illegally with a fake ID as a teenager in Massachusetts, and with his first earnings bought an Italian suit. He also is "very fancy" according to Anne Burrell and has an affinity for Charmin toilet paper.

- Anne Burrell had a desk job at 23 and hated it, went to CIA, became a chef and hasn't looked back.

- Guy Fieri's kid Hunter wanted to come but "doesn't get the grades." Guy's first job in a restaurant was as a dishwasher and one night he got a chance to jump in as line cook. Later he spoke about the way people's expectations have changed in food: "Food Network is probably one of the biggest motivators of that movement, people are getting more aware that you can't just eat whatever you want, you gotta have quality not quantity."


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