2/26/2013 09:05:00 AM

Snazzy Coffee Service at Fitler Dining Room

Chef Rob Marzinsky’s elegant but unfussy food at the brand new Fitler Dining Room, now welcoming diners at the corner of 22nd and Spruce, deserves a fitting follow up. In addition to a selection of more than 20 dessert wines, FDR’s careful coffee service provides a worthy finale.

China cups that are delicate but not fragile are printed with a 1920s-style monogram of the restaurant name. They’re filled with pours from miniature stainless steel French presses, stylish in looks and full of brew made with beans from Rival Bros., the company run by former colleague and Pub & Kitchen chef Jonathan Adams.

Pair the coffee with a lavender crème brûlée - a thick perfect crust breaks with a loud crackle when your spoon hits - or a slice of carrot cake with Riesling-poached raisins and cinnamon ice cream (215-732-3331).


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