2/05/2013 03:55:00 PM

Slater's Latest Gut-Bomb: The PB&J Pancake Burger

It might be National Pancake Day at all IHOPs today - FREE PANCAKES! - but all of next week will be dedicated to the humble flapjack for National Pancake Week (Feb. 10-16). So of course Slater's 50/50 had to come up with something you may or may not want to eat to celebrate the holiday: the pancake burger.

This gut-bomb is comprised of the signature beef-and-bacon burger topped with peanut butter, strawberry jelly, more bacon, and, yes, two pancakes in place of the bun. No word on the calorie count on this one, but if you're off gorging on free pancakes today, we have a feeling that simply doesn't matter. You won't find this on the menu at Slater's, so just ask your server. Ignore their judgmental giggles.


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