2/11/2013 04:41:00 PM

Sexy Bathrooms: 9 Spots for a Restroom Rendezvous

At No. 8, the communal restrooms await
Let's say your dinner date is going well. Like, three bottles of wine well. There are certain venues in NYC that may have a closed door for you to hide behind and...hey...we're not going to endorse such shenanigans! If you do want a little privacy though, we suggest staying away from Per Se or Le Bernardin unless you want to get banned for life. Instead, click through our slide show to see some spots with loos that double as, ahem, great hiding spots. Oh, and if you do both leave the table at the same time, don't think you're fooling anyone.


  1. I vote for the Boom Boom Room.


  2. The coed bathrooms upstairs at Raoul's have hosted many a tryst in the last 38 years.

  3. I don't get how you can overlook the unisex bathrooms that line the dining area at Peep. 100% two-way trick mirrors make for quite the interesting rendezvous!