2/14/2013 09:22:00 AM

Satya Eastern Kitchen Opens in Midtown, Is This the Asian Chipotle?

There hasn't been much buzz yet about Satya Eastern Kitchen, a new fast-casual concept that quietly opened on Eighth Avenue and 46th Street about 10 days ago, but you wouldn't guess that the joint was going for a slow roll out by looking at it. The spot's moniker is spelled out in giant, illuminated letters on the building's facade, fitting since Times Square is only a block or so away (and necessary to compete with the other options in the area).

New York has yet to see a branch of ShopHouse, Chipotle's Asian offshoot that is now open in DC, but the idea here is kind of the same. Guests order at a counter and can choose platters with a protein and two sides - there are plenty of preparations to choose from ranging from chicken, beef or prawns (veggie options are also available), while sides include options like lo mien or vegetable fried rice. There are a number of banh mi-like "satay sandwiches" and choices like kimchi sliders to start with. Beer and wine are also available.

Taking a cue from Schnipper's down the street, guests are handed a number on a pedestal and can camp out at a table until their order is brought to them by a staff member. The platters are about $10 (throw a beer in and you'll still spend less that $20). Right now delivery is not available, but they may launch that down the road.

There are a number of fast-casual contenders on this strip of land, including Schnipper's and the Theater District outpost of Shake Shack, but this behemoth provides a sweet alternative if you're not jonesing for a burger. The concept could easily be replicated at other locations, so if it does take off, don't be surprised to see other outposts cropping up. Right now you can visit at 750 Eighth Avenue (646-895-9905).


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