2/28/2013 11:29:00 AM

Sandy Cost Fairway $14 Million, But Red Hook Location Reopens Tomorrow

The relaunched market will have a larger bakery
Local grocery chain Fairway was hugely impacted by Hurricane Sandy - Crain's reported yesterday that the market lost $14 million when all of the waterlogged merchandise and damaged property was taken into account (the store also continued paying wages to the employees who were displaced, a noble feat). While much of the city's food industry has bounced back, it's taken this long for the grocery's Red Hook location to reopen. The large venue has dried out and plans to welcome customers tomorrow - Mayor Bloomberg will be on hand to celebrate the recovery, and the space will come with some improvements. Expect a larger cafe area, bigger aisles and an expanded bakery area.

According to that must-read Crain's piece, the fortunes of the chain is largely tied up in this location, which generates 1/7 of the brand's income. We wish them the best, and you can stop by to check out the new-and-improved store at 480-500 Van Brunt St.


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