2/12/2013 10:00:00 AM

Sandwich Board: Country Pate at South Philadelphia Tap Room

Pork lovers, get thee to the South Philadelphia Tap Room this week. No, not because Guy Fieri is filming there. Go so you can eat sous chef Mark Regan’s new country pâté sandwich (though he’ll probably take offense that we fancied up the name with all those accent marks).

The meat in question is a housemade mix of ground pork and pig’s liver from Country Time Farm, which is then sliced and seared in pork fat. The crisped up slice goes on a Baker Street onion brioche bun with a beer mustard made from Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale, along with dill pickles, shaved red onion and lettuce shreds. It’s currently served as a special for $11 (215-271-7787).


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