2/11/2013 12:04:00 PM

Saison To Reopen Tuesday After Abrupt Hiatus

If you haven't heard (and don't follow Andrew Knowlton to tell you about it), Joshua Skenes' shiny new Saison closed abruptly on Thursday night due to "last minute repairs" at the restaurant, forcing it to cancel the hard-earned reservations of the rich and famous. Skenes cryptically tells The Inside Scoop the "quick hiatus" was due to a series of "little things here and there that all add up." The perfectionist chef, who in an interview just last week told us that he and his fellow chefs "kill ourselves only to give people the very best experience" added the closure was necessary because "it's got to be right." Saison is expected to reopen Tuesday evening. With all those cancelled weekend reservations in the queue, snagging a seat at the new restaurant has just gotten that much harder.


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