2/28/2013 12:22:00 PM

Statesman's Matthew Odam Says Restaurant Jezebel Doesn't Live Up to the Hype

Parind Vora's Restaurant Jezebel gets its first review, and it's a bit harsh. The already buzzed about restaurant -- its enforced dress code and interesting anti-menu approach where chef Vora custom-makes each dish for each patron have been ruffling Austinites -- was visited by the Austin American-Statesman’s Matthew Odam, who gives an honest and pretty brutal account of his experience at the fine dining locale behind Cafe Mirabeau.

From the peculiar interior to the clunky waitstaff to the uneven food, Odam is disappointed with the place. Gems from the review:

Beyond [a] few touches, and expensive china and elegant flatware, the dark and impersonal space feels like a hurried design from a Restaurant Wars episode of “Top Chef.” 
My guest and I ordered the four-course dinner with pairing. When a glass of white wine arrived, we told our waiter (who also seemed to be serving as wine steward and manager) that we preferred red. He informed us that the first-tier of pairings would consist almost entirely of white wine, and maybe one light-bodied red. If we wanted something bolder (and, likely, better), we’d need to move to the second-tier of wines. 
The beets and gastrique from my quail dish appeared during that same course on the sea scallops of one of my dining guests. My guest had never expressed an interest in or been quizzed about scallops, making the protein a peculiar choice. The scallops had a fierce peppery crust that overwhelmed my guest, prompting her to send them back. The firm but supple scallops returned in short order, this time almost nude and too salty. 

Yikes. For a meal that cost about $1,000 for three people, Odam was expecting much more. Who else has been to Jezebel? Is Odam's review fair, and what kind of experience did you have?

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  1. Megan,

    I am perplexed also because

    1. Jezebel is listed as #1 overall restaurant on Austin open table

    2. Jezebel is listed as #1 in best ambiance on Austin open table

    3. Jezebel is listed as #1 in best service on Austin open table

    4. Jezebel is listed in the top three for best food on Austin open table

    5. opentable reviews state it is expensive but amazing in over 95% of the cases

    So it seems to me that our customers are happy...Mr. Odam not withstanding.