2/01/2013 10:42:00 AM

Restaurant Horror Stories: The Doctor Is In

From time to time, we publish stories about restaurant customers behaving badly, and even by those standards the one a reader sent in to us the other day was a real doozie. Take a look at the story, and let us know what you would have done. Complained to the staff? Asked the offending parties to please stop? Either way, without some action, it sounds like dinner wouldn't be quite as appetizing as it could be.

 "I was sitting at a nice, NYC sushi bar where it's really tough to get a seat. They offer a very traditional omekasa experience. People next to me (one in scrubs, one a co-worker in some capacity that he was trying to 'pitch') actually takes an iPad out to explain an exciting new suture procedure - as the lucky neighbor sitting next to them, I am treated to a full-screen view of a hairy leg with a wound being sewn together, live and up close.

As if that's not enough, after the third 'I don't even know what i'm eating' comment as they eat their uni nigiri, the bizarrely handsome scrub-clad doctor takes out a long, tubular spear (the only way I can describe it) with a terrifying point at the top just to help illustrate his point. Next to my ankimo appetizer is literally a pile of packets of suture thread, that he actually left on the table after he paid the check. the host literally chased after him like 'sir, I think you forgot your.....um..packet?'"

Maybe this type of thing is appropriate in a hospital cafeteria, but at a fancy sushi joint - not so much.


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