2/14/2013 09:55:00 AM

Restaurant Etiquette: Breaking Up Is A No-No, But What About Texting?

Maybe they're texting each other? 
The results of our Valentine's Day survey were crystal clear: breaking up at a restaurant is a complete no-no, with 92% of people saying that it's never acceptable to dump someone over dinner. But, what about a behavior that makes people want to break up with someone, especially early on in dating? According to our last New York City Restaurants survey, 58% find the use of a mobile phone while dining inappropriate.

So is this a dating dealbreaker? In honor of Valentine's Day we decided to ask some experts for advice - Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz are the authors of recently published Flirtexting (yes, that's a thing). Check out a few of their phone etiquette tips below:

1. Keep Your Phone Off The Table

 "Whether it’s a casual pizza joint or Daniel, it’s never okay to have your phone out on the table. The only exception is you may check your messages and quickly respond while you are on a bathroom break or if your date gets up from the table."

2. Responding to Every Text is a Dealbreaker

"We consider it rude to text on a date at the table, but we consider it a deal breaker when your date leaves his or her phone out on the table and responds every time a new text comes in. Also, blaming it on “work” is not an excuse to leave your phone out on the table."

3. Don't Judge a Person By Their Apps

What if you're dining and find that the person has an OkCupid/Grindr/Other Dating app on their phone? "Don’t judge a person by their cell phone apps. Dating apps have become immensely popular today so if your date happens to have one on their phone, it shouldn't be a surprise. Ask yourself what’s worse: finding a dating app or a flirty text message on your date’s phone?"

4. Save the Social Media Updates for Later In the Relationship

"We know lots of people who have big issues with posting pictures of their food. Unless you’re a food writer/critic, save the #foodpics for your fifth or sixth date when you’re more comfortable with one another."


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