2/05/2013 09:26:00 AM

Reccette's Jesse Schenker Shows You How Lose 55 Lbs, Still Eat Foie Gras

Chef Jesse Schenker has garnered raves for his artfully constructed tasting menus at the West Village's Recette, and his reputation landed him a spot on our inaugural 30 Under 30 NYC list. The Times has a lengthy profile about his recent weight loss - the young culinary star dropped 55 lbs, coming down from a max weight of 255. Not only did he end up trimming the fat - he managed to do so while still hitting NYC's best restaurants and ordering pretty much anything he wanted. Oh, and he also did it with no exercise. Perhaps the dude should get a second career as a weight-loss coach - surely his method could rake in the big bucks among city diners that want to have their cake and ripped abs too. Check out the piece here.


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