2/20/2013 03:34:00 PM

PYT Does a Han Dynasty Burger

We just got done writing about how Han Dynasty is a cult favorite, not only in Philly but one of the tops in the entire US. Looks like Tommy Up is also a huge fan of Han Chiang’s Sichuan food, and that the feeling is mutual - Han is a serious burger lover. The pair collaborated on the newest creation at Up’s PYT in The Piazza.

Han stopped by on Sunday afternoon to work on the creation, and the result is as follows. The patty is a blend of beef with dan-dan-marinated pork belly. It’s topped with the famous cucumbers in chili oil, shipped over to NoLibs directly from the Old City Chinese restaurant. Everything sits on a traditional soft white Chinese bun, picked up daily from a bakery in Chinatown.

In our opinion, this is fusion cuisine at its finest. The burger will run you $14 with a side of spicy fries, and the more people order it, the longer it will stay on the menu. Go early and often (215-964-9009).


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