2/15/2013 02:30:00 PM

Poo-Flavored Frozen Yogurt? Nathan Fielder Thinks It Might Work

A couple of local businesses are featured in this hilarious first episode of Comedy Central's new makeover parody series Nathan For You, a docu-reality show where comedian/writer Nathan Fielder uses his business degree ("from one of Canada's top business schools") to help struggling companies. His first mission: Help a frozen yogurt store and pizza shop get more customers, in this case Yogurt Haven in Eagle Rock and Valley's Pizza Land in Van Nys.

Fielder thinks a new frozen yogurt flavor will pull in business at Yogurt Haven, and he decides on...poo. Why poo? Because "the media responds to controversy." He supposedly has a feces flavor created, uses unorthodox methods to get people in the door and serves it. Naturally, it's not a favorite flavor, but he successfully fills the tables. Success! For the pizza joint, he suggests an eight-minute delivery guarantee, but no one knows what size pizza they're getting. Real or fake - ok, maybe the pizza customers are real, at least one guy - the whole thing is pretty genius. And who knows? It just might put Yogurt Haven on the map. Gordon Ramsay, watch out.


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