2/06/2013 07:00:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Sperm Sushi at Hamasaku

Photo: Erin Lyall/Squid Ink
Come on, the Japanese name, shirako, just wouldn't get your attention. So, yes, apparently Hamasaku is now serving the seasonal delicacy, cod sperm sushi, and one Squid Ink writer has decided to suck down every bite "without gagging." You have new sushi chef Yoya Takahashi to thank for the cod sperm. You have everyone else to thank for the creamy, milky (how it tastes), blow-your-load (as in your wallet because it's not very expensive) and swallow (because you're eating it!) jokes.

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  1. I had Shirako when I was 10 back in Japan and I vowed to never eat it again.