2/19/2013 07:32:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Pliny the Younger Beer Madness

Wow. This was the line at Haven Gastropub and Brewery the morning the Pasadena spot put the ultra-exclusive Pliny the Younger on tap. The crowd snaked all the way around the building before the doors even opened. It was first come, first serve and, according to the blog, they were sold out before the doors even opened. People started lining up at 6 AM and doors opened at 11 AM; there were only about 120 servings available.

If you don't know, every February the Russian River Brewing Company releases this draft-only limited edition beer to only a handful of places around mostly Western states, and beer geeks are drawn to the triple IPA like fruit flies in a brewery. Tonight you can try to get a glass at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park, which is tapping its keg...now. And here's a list of other locations getting the brew.


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