2/22/2013 07:19:00 PM

Photo (and Video!) of the Day: How to Make Wolfgang Puck's Smoked Salmon Oscar

We'd like to thank the Academy for having Wolfgang Puck cater the Governor's Ball for the last 19 years. Without him we would never know the joy of receiving - and eating - an Oscar-shaped cracker topped with creme fraiche, smoked salmon and caviar. We know it only takes six seconds to put one together, and we'd like to thank Puck's cast and crew for showing us just how simple delicious can be. We couldn't do it without any of you. We know it's one in 6,500, but it means the world to us. And we'd like to thank Tiwtter for giving us that snapshot and...*music playing*...and, and...thank you Academy, and thank you Wolfie!


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