2/06/2013 04:11:00 PM

Philadelphia Distilling Gets Spicy With The Bay Vodka

Photo by Gina Chersevani
Whipped cream vodka. Cotton candy vodka. Chocolate vodka. Waffle vodka. The flood of candy-sweet variations on liquor store shelves is enough to make any self-respecting drinker give up on flavored vodka entirely. (Unless you’re 16 years old, maybe, in which case you definitely shouldn’t be drinking in the first place.) However, local spirits maker Philadelphia Distilling - famous for Bluecoat gin - is getting ready to buck the trend with something totally new.

Set to launch this spring, The Bay Vodka is infused with the herbs and spices traditional to the Chesapeake Bay region (similar to the crab-happy seasoning Old Bay). It’s designed to be perfect in savory drinks like Bloody Marys, dirty martinis and oyster shooters.

Master distiller Rob Cassell is using a blend of grains for the spirit, and is still tweaking the spice recipe. The flavor was inspired by distillery president Andrew Auwerda, who fell in love with the flavor combo while attending the University of Maryland.

If all goes well and the new liquor gets PLCB approval, you’ll start seeing The Bay Vodka on Fine Wine & Spirits shelves by the end of March. If things take longer, you’ll still be able to buy bottles directly at the PD facility in the Northeast, or in D.C. and Maryland, where the vodka is already set for distribution. We've always wanted to use a crab claw as a cocktail garnish, looks like we'll get the chance.


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