2/19/2013 11:00:00 AM

Oreo Cookie Donuts Are the Latest Fast-Food Mash-Up

Krispy Kreme donuts is the latest to come up with a culinary mash-up that makes use of an ingredient from the supermarket snack-food aisle. We think their new Oreo cookie donuts would make the perfect desert pairing with some Doritos Locos from Taco Bell, don't you? These two new sweet concoctions are dubbed the Cookies and Kreme donuts - one is infused with Oreo pieces and topped with white icing while the other is filled with Oreo-flavored creme and topped with crumbles of the cookies.

These are only available through August 21, though if they generate a fraction of the frenzy that surrounded the Doritos tacos, you can expect them to stay around a lot longer than that. The donut maker seems to have high hopes for them. In a press release, the new donuts were described as - wait for it - "yumbelievable."


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