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One Off Hospitality Announces Master Beverage Classes

The Publican photo by Bob Briskey Photography
Want to drink with the experts behind the beer list at Publican and the wine list at avec? In response to the popularity of their Master Cooking Series, which was announced late last year and quickly filled up, One Off Hospitality announced a Master Beverage Class series. These classes are sure to sell out fast. Most of them take place at Publican Quality Meats -  except The Violet Hour and Blackbird's, which will take place in their respective restaurants. Check out the complete list of classes for 2013 below, and then email grace@publicanqualitymeats.com to reserve.

The Violet Hour
“The Evolution of the Cocktail" will teaches participants about how the cocktail progressed from simple spirit and sugar combinations to complex concoctions. The class starts at the Old Fashion and traces cocktail history until the Daisy, expalining basic cocktail theory and classics. $150 per person on March 31.

Publican Quality Meats
Just in time for summer, "Find the Right Beer for your BBQ" will explain which brews are best served with backyard barbeque staples. Join beer director Michael McAvena in the kitchen as he walks guests through multiple food and beer pairings. $125 per person on May 26.

Head mixologist Lynn House will host "High Heels to High Balls," a class targeted at females who presser to drink like dudes. House will put a feminine twist on traditionally testosterone-dominated drinks in this hands-on class. Think lots of whiskey. $75 per person on June 30.

The Publican
This class is for all of the wannabe beer ners. Beer director Michael McAvena will walk guests though the "Beer ABCs: The Basics of Brews." From styles to tasting as well as how to read a beer menu, after this class participants will never be embarrassed in front of the taps again. $55 per person on July 28.

Tired of buying the same bottle of Riesling? Wine director/owner Eduard Seitan will demonstrate "Value Varietals You Didn't Know You'd Love" - from common bottles to the extensive avec wine list. Lessons will include how to read a wine label, why price does not always correlate with quality and how to navigate wine regions. $65 per person on September 29.

Big Star
Saving the most interesting class for last, spirit director Ben Fasman hosts "Dance Halls and Last Calls." Fasman will discuss the connection between bourbon and American music history. While pre-war blues developed into gospel, country and rock and roll; bourbon too was changing with the times. $55 per person on November 17.


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