2/07/2013 12:28:00 PM

Non-Breaking: Restaurant Chains Going Lighter, Offering Healthier Options

Image via Sbarro
By Kelly Dobkin
While chain restaurants have long been trying to lighten up, the NY Times has a feature today that focuses on the recent changes that chains like Sbarro and Pita Pit have made (in both selection and portion size) to attract new customers, driven by both customer demand and looming federal regulations to include calorie counts on menus. The piece includes an interview with the owner marketing director of Mooyah, a build-a-burger chain based in Texas, who remarks: "What we found is if you limit yourself to the beef hamburger, there are certainly a growing number of folks who wouldn’t even consider our restaurants. It could be mom, who’s a vegetarian and may not want to go to a burger restaurant, or turkeytarians or someone with a health restriction of some sort.” Read the full article here.


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