2/21/2013 07:04:00 PM

No More Ricky's Fish Tacos??!!

The last time we were there...packed
Our afternoon has come to a complete stop due to the news we just saw on Twitter. Ricky Pina, he of Ricky's Fish Tacos, the stand that makes our mouth water just thinking about it, out of nowhere said: "Sorry Everyone!! We have Stop Operations until Further Notice. (will keep you posted) Ricky." And all we could say was: NOOOOOOOoooooooo!

Everything was going along as usual today, Pina telling the world that the fryers would be out as they always are on Thursday through Sunday, and then a few hours later saying he had to shut things down. That doesn't bode well. RFT has had a following for years, first set up in Silver Lake and then moving to the parking lot across from Vons in Los Feliz in 2010. There is no sign, just a few tents, tables, a couple of fryers and lots of people milling about waiting for their tacos.

If we had to speculate, the businesses in an adjacent parking lot that posted a sign "No Ricky's Fish Tacos Parking" had something to do with it. And watch out, people who parked there ruining it for the rest of us. Now that we know we can't get one, we want an order of tacos - one fish, one shrimp - stat. Hopefully Pina will be back frying pronto.


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