2/14/2013 11:22:00 AM

Manhattan Cricket Club Will Open Above The UWS Sunburnt Calf

Cocktail maven Greg Seider (Summit Bar) sat down with Food GPS (via Eater) to talk all things tending bar. In the chat, he dropped some big news: he's planning to open a new bar dubbed The Manhattan Cricket Club, which will be a "reservations only" joint serving classic cocktails and will be decked out in "James Bond style." He promises it won't be a "geeked-out coffee bar" and says that there will be performances and some sort of food component.

We noticed that he said it will be coming to the second floor of a venue run by Heath St. Clair, which can only mean one place: The Sunburnt Calf. This Aussie bar is much more a everyday watering hole than something fancy, and they experimented with keg service in the upstairs space. UWS residents should appreciate a little class when the joint opens, which Seider says could be as soon as next month (226 W 79th St.).


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