2/15/2013 03:40:00 PM

Lyons Group Paying Back Wages in Alleged Labor Violations

La Verdad is one of the restaurants named in the alleged violations.

The Lyons Group has agreed to pay $424,000 in back wages to 409 employees, according to a Boston Business Journal report to “resolve alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, according to the U.S. Department of Labor."

Workers in 15 of the company’s restaurants reported that they were paid for straight work hours instead of overtime.

Back Bay Social Club, Game On, Harvard Gardens, Kings Boston, Kings Dedham, La Verdad and Towne Stove & Spirits are among the 15 venues named in the alleged violations.

The report also posted a public warning by Patrick Lyons, the company’s principal. "Boston restaurateur Patrick Lyons yesterday issued a warning to his fellow restaurant owners to beware of using contract labor providers. Lyons reflected that he had learned that a contractor that provided labor had not complied with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act at several Boston-area establishments where is is an investor. Lyons said the labor provider, which has since gone out of business, allegedly failed to comply with overtime pay requirements. Upon learning of this, Lyons immediately took steps to make sure that these workers were paid for their overtime hours, and the restaurants have agreed to pay those workers for lost wages under an agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor [via Eater].

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