2/25/2013 10:07:00 PM

Live Blog and Video: Celebrating LA's 30 Under 30!

Sure, the Oscars were last night, but the real awards show starts right now, in LA's Emerson Theater. Tonight we're honoring 2013's first group of 30 under 30 industry rockstars. The Academy may have had Charlize Theron and Meryl Streep, but did they have these cool marquee style Zagat lights? Didn't think so. Stay tuned here for updates throughout the night, and be sure to tune in at 7:30 PM PST for a live video show featuring the honorees.

7:01 PM: The Emerson Theater has quite the history, it was operating before prohibition and  served as a "burlesque speakeasy" until "johnny law" caught on. Despite the history, we can safely say there has never been a more epic party here.

7:02 PM: Early arrival alert - Thomas Keller is spotted in the house. The young chefs should take a lesson: the early bird catches the intense and unheralded culinary glory!

7:02.5 PM: OMG - Keller is drinking a beer. The dude doesn't just look good, he's officially badass.

7:05 PM: We decided to be like the master and have secured our first beer of the evening. Woot woot! Tonight's theme? WWKD: What Would Keller do?

7:13 PM: We're gearing up for a live video show - watch it above at 7:30 PM PST, and tune in for more live blogging once we're done sharing our pithy and insight filled commentary (yes, yours truly will be in the show - but for real!).

8:21 PM: And we're back! The honorees are getting liquored... ahem we mean lined up for the awards ceremony. Tim and Nina Zagat just took the stage. To quiet the crowd, Tim used the timeless method of saying "Yo!" into the micraphone.

8:24 PM: Nina: "This year's list has 21 men and 9 women."
Tim: "It should be the other way, 21 women and 9 men!"
Nina: "We will work on that for next year...." They point out that the list is NOT just chefs - plenty of the other restaurant peeps deserve a slot.

8:27 PM: Tim promises to keep things short. Lone woman responds "yee-haw!" Flagged!

8:31 PM: The honorees are being called to the stage one by one. There are various cheering sections. Some people are yelling "speech!" and others are snapping pictures, gleefully saying "I'm totally embarrassing him. That may be true, but #worthit.

8:36 PM: Tim concludes the ceremony: "Looking at the folks on stage right now, you know that the next decades of dining in LA are going to be damn great."

8:52 PM: And here it is folks, the first-ever photo of the Los Angele's 2013 30 Under 30!
Yes, they are all holding Champagne. Jealous?
9:17 PM: And the reviews of the party are starting to come in. Quoth 2012 honoree Jeff Mahin: "This is SO much better than last year." #epic

9:21 PM: Ok, if you thought that marquee-style light that read "30" was cool, have we got something for you. Check out the light up Z. Only one word can describe this baby: BAM. And no, the caps weren't an accident.

9:31 PM: And the party is staring to wind down - just a bit ladies and gentlemen, but we have to ask ourselves, WWKD? Live blog, or go have another beer before these talented young folks head into the culinary tomorrow. We think the answer is clear..(and let's be honest, we're never gonna top that light up Z).

9:33 PM - SPECIAL BONUS: As is the custom with our live blogs, we'll end with a little self portrait. Yes, you saw us in the live video show earlier, but the klieg lights don't provide the real picture (how they deal with these "LA" things, we'll never know). Behold us below, and we'll see you at the next shindig. Onward to Chicago!!!
Only 30 suspects. One of them had to do it...


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